Being alive, able and active is one of life's most precious physical gifts. Sometimes we take it for granted however, and over-do it, or sit too long working at the desk or reclining too long while relaxing. Whatever your particular cause is for being tight and sore, be assured there is relief!

If you've never had therapeutic massage before, you might be surprised to discover how effective massage is in relieving muscle soreness and tightness.

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Massage Therapy:

A technique that relaxes muscles, improves circulation and stretches connective tissue through the manipulation of muscles, skin and joints.

Standard Rates:Charge
1/2 hour$40
1 hour$75
1-1/2 hours$115

Deep Tissue:

Especially beneficial for the physically active individual. This treatment provides a deep, strong massage to alleviate tightness and strain.

Aroma Therapy:

An ancient practice involving the use of essential oils to promote healing through the stimulation of olfactory nerves and the subsequent mental, circulatory and respiratory responses to the scents. The essential oils used in aromatherapy treatments are typically derived from plants, plant roots, flowers and seeds. Aromatherapy is incorporated in the massage by infusion with certain carrier oils. The use of aromatherapy dates back to nearly 4000 BC.


Designed for the expectant mother, this massage is specifically focused on lower back, neck and shoulder pain. Special cushions are used for support and relief from swelling and cramping.

Biographical Information:

Ruth E. Perrin has obtained her massage license from Health Enrichment Center in Lapeer, Michigan, graduating top of her class. This nationally acclaimed school allowed her the opportunity to provide massage on a wide array of individuals, including:

  • National Football League members of The Detroit Lions
  • Patients from the VA hospital of Detroit
  • Olympic swimmers at University of Michigan
  • Hospice
  • As well as numerous clients in the community.
  • Ruth is also Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork and has the greatest respect for continuing education and classes.


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    Hints, Questions and Answers:

    What to expect

    If you've never had therapeutic massage before, here's what to expect:

    • Let your therapist know of any medical conditions you may have, or any specific pain you want addressed, or other issues you may be having.
    • Your Therapist leaves the room while you get comfortable. Lay on the massage table under the sheet provided. (Lay on your stomach unless directed otherwise.)
    • Your therapist will knock on the door, and ask if you're ready, and then commense with the massage therapy.

    Will I have to undress?

    • It's mostly about your comfort and modesty, however most people get therapeutic massage in their underwear.
    • Any good massage therapist is sensitive to modesty and will insure you're kept covered when it's time to roll over, etc.


    After a massage, it's highly recommended that you drink a bit more water than you normally do. Massage releases toxins from your skin and muscles which need to be flushed.

    Will I feel better soon after?

    Depending on what's been done, most of the time, the next day you may feel a little achy. This is normal, and it goes away. If you came in because of muscle pain, you usually feel much better the second day after. At some times in our lives it's necessary to receive massage therapy weekly so our muscles can get properly stretched.

    What if the massage hurts?

    Say "Ouch!". Often if your muscles are tight and sore, your massage may be a little more uncomfortable. Tell your therapist of any problem areas beforehand. A good massage therapist will usually already know what's hurting you, and will be delicate about those problem areas. That said, some degree of discomfort is often necessary, but the point is to verbalize how you're feeling. If it's completely unbearable to you simply say: "Stop! - That's too painful!", and we will move on.

    It's just one area that needs it!

    If you're having trouble with some muscle soreness in one area, at times people expect the entire session should be devoted to that. When muscles are sore, your body tries to compensate using other surrounding muscles, which then makes them sore as well! Often muscles opposite or diagonal to the primary muscle group are affected. A proper massage covers all four limbs, your shoulders and your back. The primary location of your soreness will be addressed to the extent necessary to aid in it's recovery, (too much direct massage can actually hinder recovery). Therefore, all major areas of your body will be individually assessed and given the appropriate therapeutic massage.

    Can you come to my home instead?

    By all means Yes! Poolside, deck, your office, or even your living-room! We naturally charge a bit more to come there. (Prices discussed at time of booking.)

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