Hints, Questions and Answers:

What to expect

If you've never had therapeutic massage before, here's how it works:

  • Talk to your therapist Let your therapist know of any medical conditions you may have, or any specific pain you want addressed, or other issues you may be having.
  • Get Comfy Your Therapist leaves the room while you get comfortable. Lay on the massage table under the sheet provided. (Lay on your front or back.)
  • Therapy Your therapist will knock on the door, and ask if you're ready, and then commense with the massage therapy.
  • When Done You will be told when your massage is done. Take your time, get dressed.
  • Discussion Come out and discuss the observations and recommendations for the future.

Will I have to undress?

  • It's mostly about your comfort and modesty, however most people get therapeutic massage in their underwear. (and "Tighties" are generally better than loose fitting type underwear.)
  • In any event, you are brought to the massage room, where you get comfortable and lie on the massage table under the sheet provided, which will cover you at all times.
  • Any good massage therapist is sensitive to modesty and will insure you're kept covered when it's time to roll over, etc.


After a massage, it's highly recommended that you drink a bit more water than you normally do. Massage releases toxins from your skin and muscles which need to be flushed.

Will I feel better soon after?

Depending on what's been done, most of the time, the next day you may feel a little achy. This is normal, and it goes away. If you came in because of muscle pain, you usually feel much better the second day after. At some times in our lives it's necessary to receive massage therapy weekly so our muscles can get properly stretched.

What if the massage hurts?

Say "Ouch!". Often if your muscles are tight and sore, your massage may be a little more uncomfortable. Tell your therapist of any problem areas beforehand. However, a good massage therapist will usually already know what's hurting you, and will be delicate about those problem areas. That said, some degree of discomfort is often necessary, but the point is to verbalize how you're feeling. If it's completely unbearable to you simply say: "Stop! - That's too painful!", and we will move on.

It's just one area that needs it!

If you're having trouble with some muscle soreness in one area, at times people expect the entire session should be devoted to that. When muscles are sore, your body tries to compensate using other surrounding muscles, which then makes them sore as well! Often muscles opposite or diagonal to the primary muscle group are affected. A proper massage covers all four limbs, your shoulders and your back. The primary location of your soreness will be addressed to the extent necessary to aid in it's recovery, (too much direct massage can actually hinder recovery). Therefore, all major areas of your body will be individually assessed and given the appropriate therapeutic massage.


Obviously Massage is meant to be beneficial and relaxing. Everyone is different however. Some people prefer silence, while others want music. Some want to talk, while others don't. Generally, we play soft soothing "background" music, and use natural light, however if you have special music you want while having a massage, feel free to bring your CD, or iPod. (Bear in mind, the goal is to deeply relax!) If you feel more comfortable talking, by all means converse. If you want to fall asleep, we take it as a compliment! It's all about your health and well being, and we'll do whatever is most reasonable to help you to that end.

What is your cleaning regimen?

  • After each patient the massage table gets newly laundered sheets and face cradle cover.
  • All lotion and oils are dispensed from free catch dispensers to prevent any possible contamination
  • We wash our hands before and after your therapy using anti-bacterial soap.
  • We launder all our sheets in hot water, using conventional laundry soap and bleach.

Can I change what I want once I get there?

Yes. However, "Hot Stone Therapy", requires some preparation. (Approximately 30 minutes.) If you decide you want stone therapy after getting here and there's no scheduling problems, etc., and want to wait, (or have an errand to do), we'll be happy to accommodate you.

Can you come to my home instead?

By all means Yes! Poolside, deck, your office, or even your living-room! We naturally charge a bit more to come there, ($95 for the first hour, and $70 thereafter), along with the following minor considerations:

  • Essential oils must be requested prior to the appointment.
  • Rate includes travel up to 20 Miles. Compensation for driving distances over that are $1/mile, and special travel instances can be negotiated.
  • Hot Rock Therapy is an additional $45, and requires 30 minutes of lead-time to prepare, and suitable electrical power adjacent to where the table will be.
  • Time can be divided amongst several individuals.